Strategic Asia 2006–07: Trade, Interdependence, and Security

by Ashley J. Tellis and Michael Wills and Published by NBR, September 2006
ISBN 0-9713938-7-7

Here you can get the executives summaries:

Trade, Interdependence, and Security in Asia
Ashley J. Tellis

The Superpower as Super-Debtor: Implications of Economic Disequilibria for U.S.-Asian Relations
Stephen D. Cohen

Rising China: The Search for Power and Plenty
Michael R. Chambers

Back to Normal? The Promise and Pitfalls of Japan’s Economic Integration
Michael Mastanduno

South Korea’s Embrace of Interdependence in Pursuit of Security
David C. Kang

Russia’s Economic Role in Asia: Toward Deeper Integration
Peter Rutland

Trade, Energy, and Security in the Central Asian Arena
Dina R. Spechler and Martin C. Spechler

The Limits of Integration in Improving South Asian Security
Devesh Kapur and Kavita Iyengar

Strategic Dimensions of Economic Interdependence in Southeast Asia
Donald E. Weatherbee

China: Can Economic Growth Continue without Political Reform?
Minxin Pei

Will Economic Interdependence Encourage China’s and India’s Peaceful Ascent?
David P. Rapkin and William R. Thompson

When the Flu Comes: Political and Economic Risks of Pandemic Disease in Asia
Ann Marie Kimball

Strategic Asia by the Numbers


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