El año del cerdo prohibido

El proximo 18 de febrero empieza el nuevo año chino: el año del cerdo. Y con sorpresa, la CCTV acaba de prohibir el uso de imagenes de cerdos en los anuncios para no ofender a la minoría musulmana (20 millones). Aquí podeis ver el vídeo de la notícia en ABC. ¿Porque?

Chinese TV’s ban comes in the wake of the killing of 18 Muslims by police in the country’s remote northwest earlier this month. The government accused the men of being terrorists. Muslim activists have called for an independent investigation…

“After an incident like that, the government often tries to make up for it, in an overt propaganda way,” says Dru Gladney, an anthropologist at Pomona College in California, who studies China’s Muslims…

“We don’t want to see any misunderstanding like the one 12 years ago,” during the last Year of the Pig, says Mr. Ma. At that time, Mr. Ma says, some newspapers published a tale in which a pig saves the life of Muhammad. “That aroused a lot of anger,” he says.

From Advertising-industry executives in China say senior Communist Party leaders recently told CCTV that references to pigs should be avoided to prevent conflicts among ethnic groups. CCTV’s move was then announced to advertisers just as many were finalizing their spots for the holiday, which begins Feb. 18. . . .

Pigs have often been at the center of communal violence between China’s Muslim minority and the Chinese majority. Protests ensued when a pig’s head was nailed to the door of a mosque several years ago.

The Strait Times:

The Chinese-language, US-based World Journal quoted MindShare, an advertiser in Shanghai, as saying that the directive came from Mr Li Changchun, a member of China’s all-powerful politburo, who is in charge of propaganda and media control.

Hong Kong’s Sing Tao Daily said it was not known whether the ban applied only to commercials or to all television programmes.

Mr Ma Yunfu, vice-chairman of the China Islamic Association, said he had not been informed of the CCTV ban but viewed it as a precaution.

In Singapore, a MediaCorp spokesman said last night that it has no such policy and does not plan to impose one, in reply to a Straits Times query.

The ban also applies to cartoons and traditional paper-cut images of pigs, and to slogans such as ‘golden pig brings you fortune’ and ‘wish you a happy pig year,’ the executive said.

Como vemos, una vez más la notícia es confusa. No se sabe exactamente quien ha realizado la prohibición y los motivos también son poco claros. Una muestra de los problemas que puede generar un sistema politico poco transparente.


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