Russia and China’s friendship

Interesting article by Andrei Piontkovsky in Project Syndicate. He says that Russia’s foreign policy should be more pro-western and less pro-chinese, bc those are going to be the real enemies for Russia’s re-emergence.

Russia’s current diplomatic tilt, indeed, is clearly against its own long-term national security interests. China will never be interested in Russia’s economic and political modernization, for it prefers Russia to remain a source of mineral and energy resources and a vast “strategic rear” in its looming challenge with the United States. (…)

In fact, conflict between Russia and China is possible precisely in Central Asia, given the clear differences in the two countries’ economic and political interests in that region. Aside from control of the region’s energy supplies, water has become a potential source of conflict, given China’s serious shortages. Yet, while the Chinese clearly understand these contingencies and are preparing themselves to deal with them diplomatically and militarily, the Kremlin remains myopically obsessed with the phantom threat of America.

Thus, as the Kremlin dreams of re-establishing its domination over what Russians refer to as the “near abroad” (Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic countries, and the other post-Soviet states), China is increasingly looking at Russia as its own “near abroad.” Will the Kremlin finally wake up to this?

Thirty-six years ago, Richard Nixon and Mao Zedong turned world politics upside down, as both America and China realized that it was the Soviet Union, and not each other, that posed the greater threat. Vladimir Putin needs his own “Nixon moment.” Alienating the West is a foolish strategy when the greatest long term threat to Russia comes from the East.

I guess if the US and Europe have the same interest as the Chinese on Rusia. I don’t see the chinese threat to Russia or other neighbours in a military way, these threat is going to be much more ecomic and cultural. Maybe Russia should seek western support, but one also needs to ask if the West can recognise China as it’s rival and, much more difficult, if it would see Russia as a useful partner to deal with it.


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